Finally! The answers to the age old question about women by A WOMAN. We always hear men telling other men what women want but we rarely hear women spilling the beans. Last night, while I was a guest on the Maya Akai show, a man called in to inform other men that the best way to learn about women is from … WOMEN. It makes perfect sense, right?  I took some time to think about what I hear most from clients and have composed a short list of the most common qualities women tend to look for.  Thank me later fellas.

1.       Leadership – At the end of the day, a woman wants a man to be the head of the household. While times are definitely changing, gender roles aren’t changing as much. We want to know that you can lead, will make decisions that are unselfish and best for the family, and have a vision that is realistic and progressive.

 2.       Honesty – I don’t understand why this is so difficult for men, and sometimes women, but women just want to know the truth. Verbal communication is so real to us. Therefore, we’ll hang on to what you say even when your actions are a little different. Don’t assume we are reading between the lines. Don’t assume we “should’ve known”.  Just say it. We believe it more when it comes out of your mouth.

 3.       Attention – We’re women! We spend hours upon hours preparing ourselves to please YOU! We want to hear how nice we look. We love when you put time aside just for the two of us. It shows us that we’re a priority in your life. Who cares that we’ve been together 10 years. We want to feel the same urgency you had when you first asked us out. We want to know how much we turn you on. In turn, you won’t hear complaints about the time you spend with your friends because we get our time with you too.

 4.       Ambition– If you want her to be submissive, you have to be worthy of her submission. Can we believe in you? Are you implementing the things you talk about? Do you have goals? When we believe in you and your ability, submitting to you is completely natural. Show us that we can believe in you.

 5.       Confidence – Some men just have it and others don’t. However, confidence can be built. Really, that is all “swag” is. We LOVE a confident man! When you approach me, can you look me in my eyes without shying away? We need YOU to believe in YOU. It doesn’t matter how much more money she makes or how many degrees she has, she will choose you if you’re confident in your ability to be the best man for her. Trust me on this one, fellas. If you’re not a confident man, we can tell right away. The great thing is there are several resources out there to help you build confidence. Take advantage.