Two Power Celebrity Couples We Can All Learn From


DeVon Franklin and Megan Good


From the beginning, the power couple had a lot of people raising their eyebrows when the world learned Megan Good would be marrying a respected Hollywood businessman who also happened to be a Pastor. One…because NO ONE even knew they were dating. And somehow WE (regular people) think celebs are supposed to tell us who they are dating and wait on our permission before living their lives. The nerve of us (side eye).  Two…because Megan Good was this perceived “bad girl” and queen of the turnup crowd who dated the same guys as the Instagram Models.


What  we can learn: Social Media is not reality. Smart people only show you what they want you to see. And for Megan, it’s very possible being on the scene was beneficial to her career. A few weeks ago, while listening to the Rickey Smiley Show, I heard DeVon expain how his initial interactions with Megan (when they were just friends working on projects together) were much different from what we might have imagined. They talked a lot about their love for Christ and desires to live Christlike. So, while the world had an idea of who Megan Good was, there was at least another side of her who practiced abstinence before her marriage and has co-authored a book inspiring women all over the world, that we weren’t aware of. If you knew me only from my Facebook page, you’d think I was a nun who is a founding member of The New Black Panther Party. Anyone who knows me outside of social media KNOWS that’s not true lol We’re not celebrities so our personal lives aren’t in blogs. However, we are on social media and a person’s social media persona (whether good or bad) could be much different from reality.



Ciara and Russel Wilson


I know. I know. Everyone has given their opinion about this relationship. The guys who never had a chance to date the cool girls in high school cried all over social media. Baby mamas gained hope. Every blogger has written an article and we’re all over it…kinda. In our culture, perceived good guys like Russel Wilson aren’t supposed to date girls like Ciara. She has dated the worst of the worst (50 cent, Future, and Bow Wow). Side note…I’m rolling as I type Bow Wow b/c well…he just had a beef with Yung Berg which automatically disqualifies him from being a bad guy. Automatically.


What we can learn: If a person has dated someone YOU do not approve of, it does not make them damaged goods. We don’t know how these “bad guys” or “bad girls” are in relationships. It is very possible even likely that Future and 50 Cent treated Ciara better than they discuss women in their rap lyrics. Truth is…a lot of rappers are Milli Vanilli’s when it comes to their love lives. They may talk stripper this and girl on girl that because that’s all these idiots will listen to these days but rappers need love too. Every man desires to have a genuine relationship with someone he can be vulnerable with. When he finds that one, he at least attempts to treat her better than all of the other women. Kanye is a perfect example. He has his derogatory lyrics toward women but we know (well kinda know) Kim has voodoo on him and he’s not really about that life. All men need love and you can’t get that bouncing from woman to woman. I’m just saying for all we know 50 Cent and Future could have treated Ciara amazing. When they stopped, she left them. It’s call dating, people. She dated people. It didn’t work out and now she’s dating someone it does work out with. Could she have made better choices? Possibly. We really don’t know how those men treated her. We do know she’s human and if we all held ourselves to the same perfect decision making expectations we’ve tried to hold her, we would have only dated one person in our lives and be married to that person. One more thing, wouldn’t Ciara and Russell have comparable partner picking skills? Are we just going to forget that his WIFE cheated on him with his teammate? Clearly, both of them have experienced dating in the real world. If we’re all honest with ourselves, we’ve dated men or women we shouldn’t have. Let’s celebrate Russell and Ciara finding love for each other. They’re human…just like us.