As a matchmaker, I often meet women who have one question in common, “Where are the attractive black single men?” Wait no longer! I’ve listed MY top 5 places to meet black single men in Chicago. You may have even seen or visited these places before and was subsequently turned off. Mistake. Bad Mistake. The great thing about my list is I’ve included those secret times when the male to female ratio is at least 2 to 1. Read now, Visit soon, and Thank me later.

Tantrum Lounge

Address: 1023 South State Street, Chicago, IL 60605

Phone: (312) 939-9160

Now, if you’ve been to this place on a Friday or Saturday night, you’re probably wondering what the heck I’m talking about. Just give me a second to explain. The best time to visit Tantrum as a single black lady is week nights and Friday happy hour. I’ve visited Tantrum several times where the male to female ratio is 5 to 1. I once went to support a friend who hosted an event there on a Friday around 6:00 p.m. The place wasn’t packed AT ALL. However, there were about 15 ATTRACTIVE, professional men there…ONE woman.

Super Tip: SIT AT THE BAR! The men will be sitting at the bar. Don’t be afraid to mingle with them.

M Lounge

Address: 1520 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL 60605

Phone: (312) 447-0201

Now, this is one of my FAVORITES for sure! Black singles are HERE! I’d suggest going on a Friday or Saturday night. Don’t expect to dance because this is no place to show off the moves you’ve been practicing in front of the mirror all week. This is a place for mingling. I’ve been to M Lounge several times and have never been disappointed on their quality of men. If you’re looking for the 35+ crowd, M Lounge is where its at! Trust.

Bar 10 Doors

Address: 1259 West Taylor Street, Chicago, IL 60607

Phone: (312) 226-1611

If you love sports, bbq wings, mixed drinks, and single black men THIS is your spot. As usual, there are specific times you’ll want to be there to meet black singles. Don’t worry…I got them for you. Wednesday nights– Karaoke at its best. This is one of the top hangouts for black singles on Wednesday nights. Sunday evenings– Football loving gals…this is YOUR day. Black men are wall to wall watching the football games and mingling with the ladies.

Bar Louie (Hyde Park)

Address: 5500 South Shore Drive Chicago

Phone: (773) 363-5300

This is kinda personal for me becuase I’m alocal there. However, Bar Louie (Hyde Park) DESERVES  a place on this list. Black singles are always there. You can probably guess what I’m going to say next…YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHEN TO GO. Well, it just so happens that I have that information for you. Tuesday evenings-They have this super crazy burger deal that attracts a huge crowd. Thursdays after 8-$5 martini night. People come out for specials here and these two nights bring the crowd.

Super tip: GO BY YOURSELF! Men are several times more likely to approach a woman who is sitting by herself than one sitting with a group of friends. It makes the possibility of them getting turned down less embarrasing. Going places by yourself is really one of the tips of the century. When you try it and it works, remember where you got it from 🙂

Young and Poweful Events

Location: All Over Chicago


What is one thing that %95 of black professionals have in common? Support for President Obama. Period. Young and Poweful events are sometimes focused on supporting our President while others focus on advancement in the community. These events are generally for 40 and under. However, the best of the best in the black singles community can be found at these events. Check out their website for upcoming events.