How To End Situationships and Win The Chasing Game


Learn How To Get Your Guy To Commit Or To Attract Men Who Do


I’ve coached women all over the country who continuously find themselves head over heels with a man who won’t commit. Guess what. There is a reason you continually attract and date men who won’t commit. In my world, we call these types of relationships “situationships”.

A situationship is when you do everything two people in a relationship do WITHOUT the title and WITHOUT the expectation of a future together.

Some people call it “going with the flow.” I think it’s just a waste of time as most situationships end with the woman hurt, wishing she wouldn’t have ever met him.

Sound familiar?

Situationships are just an extended cycle of The Chasing Game, where he only gives you attention when you consider leaving. Then, goes right back to his usual behavior when you give him another chance.

Here is the truth.

He won’t change until you change.

If you want a different experience with your love life, you must have a switch. You have to be the woman that men view as commitment material.

This 4 Day Audio Series is all about ending the situationship cycle and winning the chasing game. 

Here is what we’ll cover:

  • Understand What You’re Doing Wrong
  • Develop The Behaviors To Get Him To See Your Value
  • Know The TWO Areas You Must Have Under Control
  • Confidently Know When It’s Time To Move On
  • Know How To Attract Men Who Are Commitment Minded

Learn the behaviors that will require him to see your value OR let you know when its time to let go.

Wasting time is no longer an option.

In this 4 Day Audio Series, you’ll learn what you need to do to get him to see the value in you and/or attract commitment minded men in the future.



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