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28 Days To Love

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Get the love life you want in 28 Days!

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Want a new love life that leads to attracting and dating men who you’re compatible, who are commitment minded, and will treat you like a queen?

I did a survey not long ago and learned that most women I work with are either not dating anyone at all OR making the same mistakes, choosing the wrong men, over and over again.

Here’s the truth.

You will continue to have the same dead end or non-existent love life until YOU do something about it.

“Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes”

28 Days To Love is all about change! I use much of the methods I share with my individual clients and piece it all into expedited process to get you back in the habits of meeting men you’re compatible with and attracted to.

2 Things I Know For Sure:

  1. Dating is a Numbers Game
  2. Dating Is a Process That Can Be Broken Down To a Science

This course covers everything you need to do in order to prepare yourself to GIVE LOVE, RECEIVE LOVE, and FIND LOVE in 28 Days!

If you follow the step correctly in this program, you will find yourself dating men on a consistent basis. Not just any man either… you’ll be dating men you’re compatible

Each week we focus on a different part of the process.

Week 1: Mentally Preparing Yourself For Love

  • Dealing with the past
  • Moving Forward
  • Having The Right Mindset

Week 2: Physically Preparing Yourself For Love

  • Understanding what attracts men
  • Upgrade Yourself
  • Bring Out The Best Version Of You

Week 3: Creating Room For Love In Your Life

  • Developing Habits That Attract Love
  • Create Space For a Loving Man In Your Life
  • Having an Environment That Invites Love

Week 4: Taking Action

  • Put Yourself In Environments To Meet The RIGHT men
  • Use Your Network
  • Online Dating


Each day for 28 days, you’ll receive an email discussing a topic (the process I mentioned above ;-)) and a task to help you do the work.

It’s Fun but IT’S REAL! You’ll work on yourself in ways you never have but you’ll be more ready than you’ve ever been… ALL in 28 Days!