Black professional women outnumber black professional men 3 to 1.

It is estimated that over 40% of black professional women are unmarried. It is also estimated that 20-40% of men online are already married.

Our female clients are well aware that the odds are against them but they refuse to settle. And they shouldn’t!

You’ve worked hard to accomplish your career goals. Be as proactive about your love life as you have about your career. Working with a matchmaker gives you an opportunity to meet your equal. We utilize our resources to introduce you to men that you typically wouldn’t meet in your network.

Our services are completely confidential! No need to worry about posting pictures online and browsing through thousands of profiles. With Black Match Made, you’ll continue with your daily routine while we search for you.

At Black Match Made, you’ll have the opportunity to work with someone that understands the difficulty you face in the pursuit to find your future husband.

The man you deserve is not in a crowded nightclub or on some generic dating site. Let us help you find him. Speak with us today because the man of your dreams could be the man of your reality!

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