1. If I’m not African American can I still be a member or a client with Black Match Made?

Absolutely! We welcome ALL races and ethnicities as clients and members of our database.
2. What is the difference between a client and a member?

Members join our database to potentially meet our clients. With each new client, we review our database to see what members we have that could be a good fit. Joining the database does not guarantee any introductions with Black Match Made. Clients work directly with Black Match Made and have guaranteed introductions. Black Match Made recruits for each individual client providing consistent introductions.
3. How do I become a feature?  Email your name, email address, phone number, and a recent photo to feature@blackmatchmade.com . We will then contact you if you’re selected.

4. How can I meet a feature on Black Match Made?

Join our Database and include the name of the feature you would like to meet in the “tell us about the person you would like to meet” section.
5. Will I have to complete a background check?

If you’re selected for an introduction with one of our client’s or members, you must undergo a background check. At Black Match Made, we want to ensure our clients and members are in safe environments.

6. How do you measure success?

We measure success based on our ability to introduce our clients to a match, someone they’ve decided to pursue past their first introduction. Clients that have selected 5 or more introductions are included in these statistics. Our current success rate is 95%.

Please feel free to email any other questions to info@blackmatchmade.com