Ask Jas!

We all have someone we like to talk to about our dating lives whether its a family member or friend. Then, there are times where we want an unbias opinion but prefer not to share some information with our usual listening ear. In those cases, Ask Jas!

I created the service as a result of a FULL Facebook inbox with of friends, colleagues, and strangers who wanted my expert opinion on a particular dating experience.

“Should I call her..”

“Is it time to move on…”

“How do I let him know what I’m feeling…”

“Am I being overthinking things…”

“Did I make the wrong move…”

“Am I asking for too much too soon…”

are all the type of questions you can Ask Jas! Unlike coaching, the 48 turnaround response gives you straight talk, no filter advice on how you can address a particular dating scenario. Finally, you can be honest with someone who’s not going to judge you and get an honest response. Just Ask Jas!