Soo….it’s a rainy day in Chicago and I decided to spend my day catching up on some of my favorite TV shows including The New Atlanta!

For those of you that don’t watch the show, The New Atlanta is one of Bravo’s newest reality shows. It follows 3 women and 2 men (one black, one white) as they conquer the Atlanta social scene.

Any who, I came across a scene where Vawn (the black guy), is apparently writing a book (not sure exactly what its about) and has called a meeting with all of his male “network” which he says ranges anywhere from teachers to music industry professionals. The topic of the discussion was relationships and how men should treat women. Vawn’s philosophy…this is a quote…”Look, there aint no right or wrong. If he wanna be committed, you wanna have 3 wives, you wanna f*** everybody. Then, do what you do but tell the truth”….end stupid quote…sigh…smh They talk more gibberish including one of Vawn’s friends saying his grandfather, father, and uncle cheated all of their lives. And, therefore, that’s all he’s seen and that’s what he’ll do. I’m still having a hard time believing that these men would allow themselves to be seen saying these things on national television. Not to mention the average age in the room appeared to be at least 35+

You can view the clip here

Long story short….Vawn and at least 50 other black men in the building continued to go on with this craziness until Tribble (the white guy) seems to be the only person in the room who thought Vawn sounded absolutely ridiculous. He challenged the room full of “brothas” with the idea that opening a woman emotionally and having her heart is something that a man should be proud and protective of. Ultimately, the scene ended with the “brothas” making a mockery of Tribble and he seeming like the most mature person in the room…at least to me he did.

NOW- personally, I was completely disgusted after watching this. Not only because these dudes then proceeded to make the world a better place by raising their right hand and promising to always be honest with women. Oh how grateful are women to now expect complete honesty. After all, its not what you do that matters. Its the fact that you’re not honest about it that hurts the most. (Yes, I do mean that with every bit of sarcasm you could imagine lol) I was even more disgusted to have recognized a familiar face or two of men I’ve met personally appearing to agree with the craziness Vawn and friends were talking. Now, let me say this, a woman is as responsible for her own heart as the man she has given it to. However, real GROWN MEN know that there are very, very few women that can actually maintain a sexually, emotionless relationship over a period of time. No matter how HONEST you are with her, she is likely to catch feelings. Therefore, this honesty policy will, at the most, spare your conscience but its definitely not going to stop her from flipping out when she realizes you have several other women. FACT! The men who have “main chick/side chick” problems are the ones who have yet to learn this lesson. I mean, even Jocelyn caught feelings for Stevie J AKA Stebie eventually and she knew exactly what she was getting into. And they don’t get less emotionally connected than her.

Watching this made me think more about the racial ratio in the room. I only noticed one or two other white men in the room and it never showed their opinion on the topic. However, it was very clear that the majority of black men in the room were all a part of this “let’s treat women right by being honest with them” campaign. It made me question how closely this ratio was to the real world. Do we live in a society where the vast majority of black men are unable to maintain a monogamous relationship or even attempt to?(or at least be reluctant to brag about it in public) Do black men have so many women to choose from that we’ll just have to get used to sharing them? I know black women are reluctant to date outside of our race cause, lets be honest, there is nothing like a black man BUT this mentality could make a lady reconsider. Heeeeeey Tribble!lol

I don’t know. Maybe, I admire Tribble’s opinion because we’re both Alabamians raised with values. Yep! Shots! Thrown!

What do yall think?