One of the biggest challenges I hear women complain about is getting men to approach them. They assume a man isn’t interested if he doesn’t approach. In reality, it’s not uncommon for a man to be interested but never approach. I’ve learned there are two types of men.

There is Guy A. Guy A plays the numbers game. He assumes he’ll at least get 3 phone numbers if he approaches 10 women. Usually, it works. The problem with Guy A is that he plays the same game every weekend. He’s not looking for anything serious.

Then, there is Guy B. Guy B MIGHT approach one woman the entire night. He takes his time and finds the woman he’s interested in who is also less likely to reject him. He might see a woman he finds attractive but if she’s not giving him some signal she’s interested, or what I call the green light, he’ll leave before he says anything to her.

The days where women could just show up pretty without making any effort are nearly over. While I don’t believe women have to approach men first, it makes a world of difference when she makes it easier for a man to feel comfortable approaching her.

If men aren’t approaching you, here are 3 likely reasons why:

  • You don’t smile- One can’t have a genuine smile and be angry at the same time. Smiles communicate happiness anywhere in the world. So, imagine how easier it is for a man to approach a smiling woman. At the least, he knows she’s happy. Even if she lets him down, it won’t sting as bad.


  • Your body language is not inviting – Men are less likely to approach when your body language tells them not to. Do you have a habit of folding your arms in front of you? Do you crouch your shoulders in? Are you jittery? If you answered yes to any of these, your body language could be telling men to stay away. I give more details about this in my FREE video 5 Steps To Attract Mr. Right. If you haven’t yet, check it out.


  • You’re always with a group of women – As mentioned before, men approach women they’re least likely to regret approaching. No one wants to be rejected. Now, imagine getting rejected in front of a group of women while pursuing one of their friends. When you go out with intentions of meeting a special guy, it’s best to go by yourself or maybe one friend max.


For every woman, there is at least one man interested in getting to know her. I strongly believe that. If you’re like many of the women I’ve worked with, who don’t understand why men aren’t approaching, consider brightening your green light. When you let him know it’s ok to approach, he will.

Jas Turner – Professional Matchmaker

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