In this crazy dating world, we often find ourselves puzzled on how to get that one guy to do the “BIG C”…COMMIT. You’re just dating but you’re ready to take things to the next level. In this case, your actions can speak MUCH louder than words. Remember he’s watching everything you’re doing now to determine what type of girlfriend or wife you’ll be. I’ve listed 11 Dating “Do’s” that will separate you from the pack and get him to choose YOU!

11 Dating “Do’s” To Get Him To Choose You



1. DO be whole. Looking for a man to complete you and your life is a setup for dating failure. He’ll smell the “thirst” from a mile away.



2. DO bring on the femininity. Hands down… masculine men want feminine women. It is one of the single most desired traits from men. There are some small but effective things women can do to turn him on easily. I talk about these key transformations in my femininity workbook.



3. DO be appreciative. If he opens the door for you 10 times a day, say “thank you” 10 times a day. Show him that you appreciate the little things as much as the big things. It will motivate him to do even more for you.



4. DO keep your options open. You’re single but dating. Keeping your options open prevents you from committing to someone that hasn’t committed to you. It’s very likely he’s keeping his options open until then as well. Men are hunters. He needs to feel as if he’s accomplished something by getting you…NOT that you were just sitting around waiting on him.



5. DO let go of your past. Men hate having to deal with the insecurities created from previous relationships. Start every new dating experience with a new outlook. If he starts to think you’re the type of woman to search through his phone, email, or pockets, he’s going to run in the opposite direction.



6. DO be clear on what you want. If you want a relationship that at some point will lead to marriage, tell him. If he runs, that’s fine. You saved yourself a heartbreak. You want to invest your time with men who want a serious relationship as well.



7. DO let him lead. You’ve already told him what you’re looking for. Don’t force him to be exclusive. In order for him to REALLY commit, it needs to be his choice. He needs to want it to work as bad as you. Don’t worry about wasting time because you’re keeping your options open until he makes the commitment. If he doesn’t, someone better for you will.



8. DO mirror your expectations. If you want him to be a gentleman, you should be a lady. Remember everyone has their own opinion of the roles of a man and woman in a relationship. Find out what his are and, if u agree, play that role like Oprah Winfrey in color purple.



9. DO choose your battles. Every time he makes a mistake you don’t have to scream it aloud for the world to hear. Sometimes he’ll be wrong. Let him be. Having great communication skills sometimes means you have to say nothing at all. Always consider timing when there is something you must discuss.



10. DO be peaceful. I hear it all the time. MEN. WANT. PEACE! If you really want to separate yourself from his other options, show him that you’re peaceful. Avoid arguments as much as possible. Don’t question him on his whereabouts. Once you guys have discussed a disagreement, move on. Don’t continue to bring it up. If he’s had a bad day at work, do something to put a smile on his face. Show him that you’re at your happiest when he is as well.



11. DO make him feel like NO ONE cares for him more than you. In my research, I ask married men why they chose their wife. The most common response has something to do with her making him feel like “no matter what she’ll be there above any other”. One guy told me his fiancĂ© prayed for him when he lost his best friend 15 years ago. They didn’t get serious then, but 15 years later that prayer still had a significant impact on his life. When he saw her again several years later, he remembered how she prayed with him at his lowest moment. He dated her for 6 months then proposed. Another told me that his wife always made him feel like he was the most important thing to her. She’d call him for work to see if he’d eaten. If not, she offered to cook dinner. In return, he wanted to give her the world. Both of these women did small things that made a big difference.